The Benefits of Suppliers for Frac Hose in Mississippi

The Growing Need for Frac Hose in Mississippi

North America is home to large deposits of natural gas and Mississippi is known to be a key state in the US for natural gas production. Many natural gas mining companies have set up fracking operations across the state in order to take advantage of the natural gas present in shale formations in the area.
Fracking is a form of horizontal mining that uses pressure to inject a combination of water, sand and other specific fracking chemicals into rock formations (shale). When this mixture is forced into the rock it caused fissures or fractures in the shale that allow natural gas and other fossil fuel deposits to escape upwards where they are then collected.
Successful fracking requires large machines and tankers that use specialized frac hoses. These hoses are different from regular types of industrial hoses because they have to withstand the rigors of many chemicals, abrasives and solutions while also delivering other important characteristics. The fracking solution is injected into the shale formations at high pressure and then it must be cleaned up after the process is completed. It is common for suppliers to offer specific hoses for frac discharge and other hoses to be used for the suction and transfer of the fracking solution. Two types of frac hose exist. Transfer hose at the wellhead transferring the mixture of water, mud and chemical. The other is long length high pressure layflat that brings water from long distances for storage on site in portable ponds.
The growing industry of natural gas mining is increasing the demand for premium quality frac hose in Mississippi. Traditional suppliers with small inventories are not able to keep up with this demand and customers are finding reliable suppliers elsewhere.

Alternative Sources of Frac Hose Supply

The growth of the natural gas industry in Mississippi has created a need for an alternative source of supply for frac hose to the area.
Alternative major suppliers have emerged as a reliable, efficient and more agreeable industrial hose, couplings and sheet rubber supply source for businesses across the entire US. This allows the companies operating in rich natural gas areas such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana to have efficient access to large inventories of frac hose and other industrial hoses whenever necessary. In addition to premium quality hose products, these suppliers also offer a huge inventory of quality fittings, couplings, ferrules and sleeves, etc.

Reliable and Professional Service

Reliability and fast, efficient service are vital for most customers when they are looking for a new hose supplier. Choosing a supplier that is affiliated with The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) is an excellent way to ensure that your supplier is dedicated to providing excellent quality products and service. This global organization promotes the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the industry. NAHAD is also dedicated to being a source of continued education and training for its members.
Find out why more companies are choosing the convenience, fast service, competitive pricing and high levels of customer service that are offered by these major industrial hose and coupling suppliers. Find quality frac hose in Mississippi whenever you need it with the top suppliers today.
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